Student feedback

Student feedback reports reflect the experiences and satisfaction of students in vocational education and training with the provision of upper secondary vocational education and training.

The national VET feedback survey is sent twice during the student’s studies, in the initial and the final stage. The target group is all students taking vocational upper secondary qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications or qualification unit(s).

The following student groups do not take part in the VET feedback survey: students participating in preparatory education for vocational training (VALMA) and preparatory education for work and independent living (TELMA), students who have selected study modules that are less extensive than qualification units, students participating in other vocational education and training, and students who take the qualification or qualification unit(s) by giving a competence demonstration.

The questions in the initial survey are related to starting the studies, individualisation of the studies and the study atmosphere. The questions in the final survey are related to individualisation of the studies, acquisition of competence, organisation of demonstrations, the student’s wellbeing and the impact of the education.

The feedback is given anonymously, and the results are only reported when there are at least five respondents in the selected target group. 

The national VET feedback survey was introduced on 1 July 2018. The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education are responsible for the VET feedback survey.

VET feedback survey from July 1, 2018

The responses to the statement "I have been bullied, discriminated against or harassed, or have seen it happen to other people, at the educational institution or in the workplace where I am" may only be reviewed separately for each education and training provider and vocational institution.

Initial stage questionnaire

Education provider

Final stage questionnaire

Education provider
The breakdown of the responses to the statement "I am satisfied with the education and training I have received" in the survey for VET students who are about to complete their studies (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)

Analysis report

Extended data content for analytical purposes.

The VET student feedback