The publication reports contain information on the publication activities of Finnish research organisations based on various classifications (such as publication type and publication forum level).

Data is available for universities and university hospitals from 2011–2022 and universities of applied sciences from 2012–2022. The following state research centres have supplied data since 2014: Research Centre for Agriculture and Food and the Forestry Research Institute (which merged in 2015 into the Natural Research Institute Finland), Finnish Environment Institute and the National Institute for Health and Welfare. The following organisations have participated since 2015: Geological Survey of Finland, Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea, National Land Survey of Finland, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.​​

Note: the statistical year is the publication year of the publication. Universities can report their publications for two years after the year of publication, i.e. Publications published in 2015 can be reported in the spring 2017 data collection at the latest.

​​Publication types A–E

​Publication type
Statistical year​​

Publication types F–I

Publication type
Statistical year​​