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Placement after graduation

Reports on the placement of university graduates provide​ information about employment entry, regional placement and employment status one, three and five years after graduation.

Note! The reports are subject to data protection measures. Numbers of 1-4 persons are shown as "1-4" and larger numbers are rounded to the nearest multiple of three. Percentages are calculated using the protected numbers.

​University graduates’ ​placement after graduation

Entry into employment

University graduates’ main type of activity one year after graduation.

​​​​Field of education - ISCED  (%)​
Field of education - HE steering​  (%)​
Level of education  (%)
Region where the degree was attained  (%)
Statistical year  (%)
University  (%)

Entry into employment by profession group

Profession group​ of​​​​ completers during the years preceding the statistical year at the end of the statistical year. ​

​Regional place​​​ment​

University graduates’ regional placement one year after graduation. In the opening window, the region where the degree was attained is shown on the table rows and the current region of residence is shown on the table columns.

Region where the degree was attained  (%)​

Status in employment​

University graduates' status in employment one year after graduation.

Field of education - ISCED  (%)
Field of education - HE steering  (%)​
Statistical year  (%)
University  (%)

​​University graduates' entry into employment 1 yr after graduation

Analysis report

Extended data content for analytical purposes.

​University graduates' entry into employment, regional placement and status in employment