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Study progress

Reports on study progress in university provide information on the progress and pass rate of students in universities.

Note! The reports are subject to data protection measures. Numbers of 1-4 persons are shown as "1-4" and larger numbers are rounded to the nearest multiple of three. Percentages are calculated using the protected numbers.

Pass rates of students in university education

These reports give information on university students pursuing a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree who have completed a degree in the original study programme type.​ The percentage version shows the ratio of students who attained a degree or qualification in relation to all students.

Field of education - ISCED  (%)
Field of education - HE steering  (%)
First academic year  (%)
University  (%)​

Study progress of university students

These reports give information on the study progress of university students pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Default filters have been applied to the reports, and some filter menus only allow one selection at a time. Excluding the reference period-report, the opening screen shows the situation seven years after admission.

Field of education - ISCED  (%)
Field of education - HE steering  (%)​
First academic year  (%)
Reference period  (%)
University  (%)​

Study progress during the academic year

Study progress, academic year

Change in the student status of university students pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree (attaining qualification, continuing studies, discontinuing studies) during the academic year. In addition to the change in status, the reports specify students who have transferred to a different field of education or university. If an individual has several rights to study, the report prioritises the university or the field of education for the base year.

Field of ​education - ISCED  (%)​
Statistical year (transferred between fields of education)  (%)​
Statistical year (transferred between universities)  (%)
University  (%)​​

​​​​​​Study progress at universities seven years after admission

Analysis reports

Extended data content for analytical purposes.

Study progress
Study progress (priority 2)

Attained degrees