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Applicants and selected candidates

These reports provide data on applicants and admissions to university of applied sciences education since 2015.

Note! The report is subject to data protection measures. In secure reports, the numbers 1 to 4 concerning persons are shown as ‘1–4’ and numbers over 4 are rounded to the nearest number divisible by three. Any percentages are also calculated with protected numbers.

Applicants and those who accepted a place in university of applied sciences education

The reports include applicant data in the joint application system and the separate application system. By default, the data selection is limited to the joint application system statistics. Data for the 'All applicants' indicator has b​een adjusted so that an individual can appear only once per row.

Due to an update to the fields of education and the Field of education, HE steering made on July 5th, 2022, some fields might differ from the previous ones. The update does not concern all fields.

Age group
Field of education of the study programme
Region of the study programme
University of applied sciences

University of applied sciences​​ recruitment regions

Applicants by their home region and the region of the study programme. In the opening screen of the report, the regions where education is provided are shown in the rows, and the regions of the applicants' residence in the columns. By default, the data selection is limited to the joint application system statistics.

Applicant's home region  (%)

​Joint application system point li​mits for UAS and university education

Study programme

Applicants expressing first preference in the joint applicati​on system in the spring

Analysis reports

Applicants and those who accepted a place in a higher education institution

Updating Report

A constantly updating report is always updated with information from the previous day. For example, the number of applicants will be updated in the applicant statistics for the joint application period at the beginning of each application period. At the end of the application period, the final number of applicants may change slightly as the processing of applications progresses. The information on joint application period applicants who have been admitted, accepted an offer of admission and begun their studies will also be updated as student admissions progress in higher education institutions. When a higher education institution enters information in the system also affects updates to information on separate selections.

Applicants, admitted students and those who accepted an offer of admission for higher education