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Special and intensified support

Pupils who require regular support or several different forms of support in their learning or education must be provided with intensified support, which is based on a pedagogical assessment and follows the pupil's learning plan. Intensified support is offered when general support is not sufficient. Pupils are provided with special support if the objectives for their growth, development or learning cannot be met using other support measures. Special support is offered either in the scope of general or exte​nded compulsory education. Special support covers special needs education, which is dependent on a decision on special support, and other forms of support available in basic education. The purpose of flexible basic education is to support pupils in grades 7–9 who are at risk of leaving school without the basic education certificate. Flexible comprehensive school does not usually include special needs education.

Note! The reports are subject to data protection measures. Numbers of 1-4 persons are shown as "1-4" and larger numbers are rounded to the nearest multiple of three. Percentages are calculated using the protected numbers.

Pupils receiving intensified or special support

The reports arranged by time series, region and form of support provide data on pupils receiving intensified or special support, while the reports on the teaching groups and personalisation of teaching include only pupils receiving special support.

Form of support (Individual pupils may receive more than one form of support.)
Personalisation of teaching
Teaching group
Time series

Foreign language pupils receiving special support

Foreign language pupils refers to pupils whose mother tongue is a language other than Finnish, Swedish, Sámi, Roma or sign language.

Time series

Flexible basic education (JOPO)

The reports on flexible basic education provide data on pupils in grades 7​–​9.

Time series​​

Students receiving special or intensified support in pre-primary and basic education